2012 / Spain
Client: Arcelor Mittal


During 2012-2013, TSK T.I. installed a dam fracture Public Warning system for Arcelor Mittal Asturias.

Arcelor Mittal has 3 large reservoirs in Asturias: Trasona, La Granda, and San Andres which in case of fracture have large floodable areas with human and material risks.

After carrying out a study on the floodable areas in the instance of the rupture of the dams and of the acoustics of said areas, TSK T.I. deployed a public warning system, covering a very extensive area of several square kilometres in each reservoir in which several Arcelor Mittal factories could be affected.

The installed warning system has the following principal characteristics:
  • The sounders or warning points are completely independent in power supply, being powered by solar panels when mounted externally and being fed by the electrical network with a battery back-up when installed internally.

  • They have a double communication route with the control centre: By radio and by UMTS/3G.

  • A centralized management and control system, extendable to other areas depending on the client's needs.