2012 / Spain
Client: Arcelor Mittal


In 2012 and as part of a specific self-protection plan, the Arcelor Mittal LDG steelworks contracted TSK T.I. to provide the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of a public address system which covered the entire facility and which was to be divided into four large zones.

The particular characteristics of the facility such as its large size and the complexity of its layout of rooms and spaces, made a large number of sounder points necessary.

TSK T.I. solved the principal issues regarding the layout and the complexity of the necessary cabling, proposing a solution based on digital emergency equipment using TCP/IP which work in a coordinated manner.

 Thanks to the presence of a multi-service TCP/IP network, previously provided by TSK T.I. in the LDG for services such as CCTV, the difficulty and complexity of the proposed system was drastically reduced and the final cost of the system was significantly reduced in comparison to a conventional analogue system.