TSK after the purchase of Intecsa Oil & Gas, S.A.U. engineering, with more than 50 years of experience, has got the necessary experience and references in the Oil & Gas sector, in order to excecute projects from conceptual engineering to construction and commissioning of entire plants.

The most significant references are the compression stations, in Spain, it has participated in more than 70% of the stations that are currently in operation and in more than 4,000 km of gas pipelines and oil pipelines.

It also has important references in storage yard projects for oil products, pumping stations, LNG regasification plants and underground storage of Natural Gas.
TSK has been executing Projects for the sector of the Transportation of Oil and Gas for over 50 years, as well as constructing all types of related installations:

  • Oil pipelines and Gas pipelines.
  • Gas and oil gathering systems and distribution networks
  • Oil pumping stations
  • Gas compression stations
  • Metering Stations (Oil & Gas)

TSK develops complete hydrocarbon storage terminals, in addition to its corresponding oil tanker mooring terminals and the port-refinery interconnection.  It also provides knowledge and experience necessary to design the LNG tanks as well as regasification terminals.

Amongst TSK’s references are the port installations for methane carrier mooring of the LNG plant at the Port of Barcelona, the expansion of the LNG Quintero regasification plant in Chile, the storage tank for SKANGAS in Finland or the Yela underground gas storage in Guadalajara.
  • Oil & Gas Receiving and loading terminals
  • Underground Gas storage
  • LNG regasification plants and tanks
  • Hydrocarbon storage plants