In recent years, TSK has positioned itself as one of the main EPC contractors in the conventional as well as renewable energy sectors.

TSK can call upon its extensive experience in the engineering, construction, assembly and commissioning of electricity generating power plants with open cycle and combined cycle technologies, cogeneration technology, wind farms, solar thermal and photovoltaic plants, hydraulic power plants and biomass plants, with involvement in projects of different types which in total surpass 10,000 MW. 

The experience acquired through projects in which we have participated, as a main contractor, subcontractor or consortium, with the most prestigious technologists in the world has allowed us to offer the most appropriate technical, economic and financial solution for every customer at present.

  • Coal-fired power station
  • Centrales térmica de carbón
  • Gas power station (simple cycle or combined cycle)
  • Centrales térmicas de gas (ciclo simple o ciclo combinado)
  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Plantas de cogeneración
  • Incineration Plants
  • Plantas de incineración

  • TSK Flagsol has reached a worldwide leading position in the thermosolar power plant sector, being the pioneer company in design and development in this type of technology. It has participated in more than 10 plants with an installed power of 750 MW in countries such as Spain, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco.

Photovoltaic Solar
  • TSK has been working for more than a decade in engineering and construction of photovoltaic plants.  A model of executing “turn-key” Projects that has now been established in the different markets as agile, flexible and effective, guaranteeing quality, execution speed and profitability that the customer is looking for.

  • To this day, TSK has constructed more than 100 photovoltaic plants in different countries such as Spain, The United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Romania.  These plants surpass 2000 MW of installed power, TSK also carries out the operation and maintenance for many of them.

In the area of hydroelectric energy, TSK has participated in projects that sum up to more than 1,000 MW.
In its background, TSK has build a solid base of technical and engineering capacities in the area of producing wind energy that has turned into several remarkable projects both in Spain as well as worldwide.

Benchmark Projects:

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100MW Photovoltaic Plant

100MW Photovoltaic Plant

Albireo I - II
El Salvador

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800 MW Hybrid Solar Power Plant

800 MW Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Midelt (Morocco)

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Renaissance Project
Old Harbour Bay (Jamaica)

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Termoeléctricas Sur, Warnes and Entre Ríos

Termoeléctricas Sur, Warnes and Entre Ríos

1.2GW Combined Cycles Power Plants
Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Tarija (Bolivia)

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