2007 / Spain
Client: TSK


TSK centralized in 2008 the location of all the companies of the group which were distributed in various headquarters, into a single new-build head office, located in the Parque Cientifico y Tecnologico in Gijon. In this project, TSK T.I. was responsible for the deployment of the infrastructure for voice and data networks throughout the building, in addition to the integration of the various systems with which it was equipped: Air conditioning, CCTV, security, fire control systems, energy, public address and access control. TSK T.I. developed the integration of all of these systems achieving through SCADAS and different communication interfaces the integration of all of them and a unified management from a single control point but managed in a distributed manner in order to comfortably use and operate the various pertinent parts of the building. Currently, TSK is extending this building with a new wing which will accommodate 209 new employees. This extension project is planned to include the technological updating of the entire building's integration system and the creation of a new management system or Building Management System which will encompass the functions of the current system, obtaining in this way an updated version of the current building management system.