2011 / Spain
Client: Arcelor Mittal


Arcelor Mittal Asturias carried out during 2011 the construction of a lamination mill for the production of railway rails with hardened heads or CHHR by its English acronym.
This consists of a modern facility which produces rails of particular strength and characteristics for use in railway track which is intensively used by high tonnage goods convoys.
As part of the technological provision for this modern facility, TSK T.I. was awarded the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of a high resolution digital vision system whose main function is to monitor all of the rail production process.
 The system is provided with a total of 16 high resolution cameras located at strategic points along the length of the process, a video wall visualization system in the principal control centre, a recording system able to store up to 10 full days of video from the 16 cameras and a high quality network installation sized to cater without problems for the future growth requirements of the facility in CCTV or other services.

Thanks to the experience gained in installations with the same durability requirements and features for the same client, TSK T.I., was able to provide a system with the following key functionalities:

  • Visualization without glare of areas and materials at high temperatures.

  • Monitoring and visualization in real time of the entire facility and of the movement of the parts by the operators.

  • Image storage and recording capability for the forensic analysis of faults and processes and their subsequent improvement.