2011 / Spain
Client: Arcelor Mittal


The Gijon Steelworks or LDG of Arcelor Mittal Asturias, is a steel manufacturing plant which produces two formats of products: Blooms and Billets for the fabrication of railway track and wire, respectively, through lamination processes.
It has two ovens or converters which produce steel of globally recognized quality.
The LDG plant has for years been provided with a CCTV system for the supervision of certain processes.  However, these CCTV systems were severely deficient in their capabilities such as in the quality of the delivered image and in the ability to record continuously and with quality the critical parts of the process.
In addition, due to the very high temperatures produced by most of the processes, they encountered the problem that conventional cameras were not able to cope with the intensity of light which these processes produce, which prevented them from being useful.

TSK T.I. gradually introduced digital cameras with advanced features in image treatment which along with correct light management allowed operators and technicians to see details which they had previously been unable to see with traditional analogue cameras. In 2011 the LDG carried out an ambitious modernization program for its entire CCTV system, commissioning TSK T.I. with the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of a modern digital CCTV system which completely replaced the old analogue CCTV system.
The LDG currently is equipped with 4 control centres equipped with virtual matrix video systems, more than 60 IP cameras, and 5 sets of high availability recording equipment, increasing the number of installed cameras year after year.

The system delivered by TSK T.I. provides the LDG with:

  • The ability to distinguish and record what occurs during high temperature processes.

  • Simple and economical provision of future vision points.

  • A multi-service network which is shared with the CCTV for other functions, without interfering with its correct functioning, due to the high quality and functionality of the electronics of the supplied network.