2007 / Spain
Client: Arcelor Mittal


The Wire Rod Mill is a facility of Arcelor Mittal Asturias in which, starting from steel blocks known as billets, high quality wire coils of various diameters are obtained whose main destination is the automotive industry (tyre manufacturers).

The process consists in heating the billets to high temperatures in an oven, then passing the billet through different areas of pressure, and in this manner producing the wire which is then coiled, inspected, tagged, and prepared for its transportation and distribution.

The process is complex in some of its steps and it should be supervised by several operatives at various points to ensure that there are no deviations of the material or damage to the moulds which can spoil the raw materials or interrupt the process, etc.
Each time that the process is stopped due to a breakdown or malfunction, the losses are substantial.

TSK T.I. carried out the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of a system deployed in two phases with a total of 25 high resolution cameras, distributed along the production line, several sets of digital recording equipment, four monitoring stations and one central management station. With this system the Wire Rod Mill was able to:

  • Eliminate permanent human monitoring of all the failure or breakdown points of the line, concentrating this monitoring on four stations which monitor all the critical or failure points.

  • Obtain a reliable and permanent record of the operations carried out, which allowed the identification of the reason for the breakdowns by recovering the video recordings and carrying out a forensic analysis in the instance of breakdown or faults in the process, aiding in its improvement and perfecting.

  • Improve the end quality of the product as delivered thanks to the support of the video in the inspection procedures of the end product.