2007 / Spain
Client: Arcelor Mittal


In this project, TSK T.I. was responsible for providing an on-board visual system consisting of the strategic distribution of cameras with PTZ movement and a touchpad type control panel in the cabin of each crane.
The installed touchpad panel allows the local operator to freely move any of the cameras in order to improve the view of the desired area merely by touching the screen with his fingers, in addition to having pre-set viewing positions which allow instant access to specific viewing positions for recurring tasks.
One of the special characteristics of this project is that the automation provided allows an operator to handle any of the machines from his control point. In order to do this it was necessary for the operator who was remotely controlling any machine to be able to control it with reliable aids.
To achieve this the operator uses the CCTV of the remote machine which he is operating through his local video panel.
Finally, the views from all the cameras are permanently recorded in the control centre and it is also possible to operate them through the video management system or VMS as provided.