TSK's Mission

To be a competitive organisation carrying out engineering and equipment projects in the industrial, energy, environmental and infrastructures sectors, achieving at all times the satisfaction of customers and of the people who form TSK, in a commitment to their personal and professional development.

TSK's Vision

To be a cutting edge company and leader in terms of human and technological resources and profitability, to offer efficient solutions in the field of engineering and equipment which contribute to sustainable development, both nationally and internationally, ensuring the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

TSK's Values



TSK places a stake on innovation in its processes and the ways it works, offering the customer the most innovative services on the market. We remain alert and proactive to any opportunities, in a process of on-going development.


Quality is a value inherent in the company and our aim is always to offer products and services which aspire to excellence. Our companies must be considered by the customer as companies offering solutions and installations of the highest quality.


Our companies’ activity forms part of services to industry, which means that flexibility is fundamental if we are to compete with larger companies with greater resources. We must transmit this flexibility in all our companies, and be ready to adapt to any changes which might arise.


This is a value which is very present in the organisation and the culture of TSK, as can be seen in our daily relations with customers, suppliers, employees and society in general. Our spirit of cooperation must be reflected in our daily actions.

Commitment and respect:

These are deep-seated values in our organisation. Commitment must be a trademark of all our actions, as must respect towards all the groups with which we have dealings.

Excitement and passion:

We must transmit excitement and passion in our projects, behaviour and actions; only by doing this will we achieve the common goal of making TSK a benchmark company which leads the way in the market.