For TSK, the need to innovate in projects, processes and services is beyond any doubt. Aware of this reality, the group recognizes innovation and applied research as an unavoidable way forward and a key opportunity for its development and competitiveness at a national and international level.

This commitment is materialized in strong investments in R&D+i, continuous collaboration with technology centers and universities, as well as in cooperation with companies within the framework of local, national and European programs.

Likewise, the great diversity of projects and technological areas in which TSK is involved forces the company to be innovating continuously. For this reason we have created TSK INNOVATION, in order to bring all these initiatives together, as well as to differentiate ourselves in the market and stress the value of innovation as a strategic line of action,.


The year 2018 is an important milestone for TSK since we have designed our own innovation ecosystem, under the name TSK INNOVATION. This concept encompasses all R&D+i initiatives and projects developed by the company, as well as incorporating actions aimed at involving all market agents in the internal innovation process, promoting knowledge management and technology transfer and establishing synergies for the identification and development of R&D+i activities.

To highlight and prioritize innovation as a strategic line of growth and consolidation in the market.

To become a model of pioneering innovation and a benchmark in the sector at the national level.

• Develop an active, dynamic innovation ecosystem.
• Encourage the participation and collaboration of TSK with innovation agents, clients and technological partners.
• Incentivize continuous technological and competitive vigilance.
• Enhance technology transfer and knowledge management internally among the different divisions in the group.
• Serve as a trailblazer for other smaller companies in the region with the capacity to innovate and approach new markets.
• Improve agility in decision-making and actions linked to innovation
• Systematically detect innovative ideas of a disruptive nature.
• Identify needs and technological challenges in the sector in real time in order to respond and find technical solutions in the short term.


The TSK INNOVATION ecosystem brings together all the innovative activity of the group. In a preliminary stage, 4 major initiatives have been defined: Industry 4.0, Open Innovation Program, R&D+i projects, and innovation in the projects under development.

The TSK OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM aims to promote and support projects proposed by SMEs, startups and Technology Centers with a work base in Asturias, as well as Research Groups of the University of Oviedo. This action demonstrates TSK’s strong commitment to defend and retain the talent of the region, serving as a driving force for other companies that are committed to innovation as a growth and consolidation strategy.
For dissemination and implementation, we have a specific web page that will facilitate communication between TSK and innovation stakeholders interested in participating in our different activities.

In the following link you can consult the projects that have been implemented since 2017:
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