For TSK, the need to promote innovation in its products, processes and services is beyond all doubt, especially in the current economic climate, in which technological development must act as the driving force of the economy.

At TSK, our approach to the constant challenge of improving our products and services is through innovation and applied research as one of our opportunities for development, in the search for greater competitiveness both at a national level and in the global market, where innovation is the differentiating factor that allows us to provide added value to everything we do.


Our deep-rooted identification with innovation is part of our long-term strategy, embodied in strong investments in R&D+i, in collaboration with technology centers, universities and companies within the framework of local, national and European programs. The great diversity of projects and technological areas in which TSK participates forces us to be continuously innovating and developing in the daily performance of all our activities, since a very significant part of our innovations is produced as a result of the multidisciplinary nature of our projects .

In the following link you can consult the projects that have been implemented since 2017:
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