Corporate Social Responsability

Firmly integrated in the society in which we operate, at TSK we have taken on the commitment to become involved beyond our technological functions, with activities which benefit our region and the society of which we are part.

At TSK we believe our corporate social responsibility to be part of our general strategy, with the objective and the commitment to improve the well-being of the societies in which we are present.
In this regard, we are very active in developing countries, where we provide material, human, financial and technological resources, as well as experience, to help improve the well-being of the societies in which we are present. For example, improving infrastructures that enable access to drinking water and electricity for thousands of people in countries such as Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia, amongst others, collaborations with universities, associations, NGOs, sponsorship of sporting and cultural events, or specific projects in the destination countries.

Collaborations and Sponsorships:

  • Sponsorship of sports teams.
  • Creation and publication of books.
  • Sponsorship of cultural exhibitions.
  • Cooperation with the University of Oviedo.
  • Cooperation with Charity Associations and NGOs.
  • Commitment to Asturian industry and the development of the region.
  • Collaboration with the Asturian Quality Club,
  • Asturian Innovation Club, Femetal, Asturian Association of Family Businesses (AAEF), Ademi, Sercobe and Prodintec.


  • Refurbishment of three schools in Ashuganj, Bangladesh
  • Toy collection campaigns
  • “Muelitas sanas” campaign in Venezuela, providing free dental check-ups to over 3000 children.
  • Support for the creation of small businesses, providing the necessary equipment, training to carry out the trade and the logistical support necessary to distribute the finished products, with the aim of integrating socially disadvantaged groups into society. Both projects are in Venezuela.
           Textile workshop

Ethical Conduct

TSK's fundamental commitment to complying with all applicable laws and ethical principles is articulated in the unyielding compliance with the principles and values established by our Code of Ethics that governs conduct in TSK.

Complementarily, TSK has established measures aimed at preventing the commission of crimes in our business group through the approval in September 2012 and implementation of the TSK Crime Prevention Plan.

Principles of TSK Code of Ethics:
  • All the relevant laws and regulations in the country in which the company is operating must be complied with.
  • Human rights must be adhered to: no employee will suffer harassment, physical or mental punishment, or any other type of abuse.
  • Wages and working hours must at least comply with the relevant local laws and regulations, including minimum wages, overtime and maximum working hours.
  • No forced labour will be used and the employees will be free to leave their positions when they have given their employer sufficient notice.
  • No child labour will be used and, in particular, ILO regulations will be complied with.
  • The employees' right to freely associate will be respected.
  • All employees will be given adequate safe and healthy working conditions.
  • The company's operations will be carried out respecting the environment and complying with any relevant local laws.
  • All goods and services will be supplied in accordance with any quality and safety criteria specified in the relevant contracts and will be safe when used for their original purposes.
  • No illegitimate means will be used to guarantee the supply of goods and services, such as bribes.
  • All suppliers, subcontractors, clients and companies with whom TSK associates or collaborates (such as joint Ventures) will, in turn, comply with the obligations mentioned in the previous paragraphs.