Electrical /I&C Supervisor

Job Description
Perform all duties regarding Electrical /I&C and projects assigned in a safe and professional manner as per policies and procedures
Oversee and coordinate the workers who maintain and repair Electrical /I&C equipment
Supervise preventive, breakdown and planned overhaul of assigned Electrical /I&C equipment. Must be able to diagnose and repair a major breakdown and to attend to the defects of the operating plant
Ensure completion of work in a timely and cost-effective manner
They may be responsible for evaluating problematic systems or facilities and determining what installation or repair services need to be performed
Maintenance-related duties include performing initial evaluations of building systems and distributing work assignments
Ensure that machinery and equipment related to his section is properly maintained, tested, verified and details documented as per company procedures
To assist maintenance manager in organizing spare-parts ordering plan and to check stock list
Prepare work plans and allocate duties and responsibilities to subordinates to ensure maximum work efficiency and productivity
Prepare and maintain time cards/sheets work permits of workers concerned and ensure work done is in accordance with the work permits
Update the electronic log in the CMMS which gives a continuous update of the progress of the work being executed daily
Maintains records of work performed and prepares a variety of reports
Coordinate With other departments regarding plant matters, ensuring the implementation of safety procedures & policies, production reliability & efficiency
Location Kuwait
Minimum Requirements
High School Diploma mandatory
Bachelor / Master degree in HSE preferably
5 years’ experience in similar position is mandatory
10 years’ experience in similar position is preferably
Competent with Microsoft Office products, Internet, Systems Management, and other database programs
Meticulous, pro-active with positive attitude and willing to learn
Creativity – In addition to maintaining the current electrical mainframe, Electrical Supervisors are responsible for keeping the system up to date and developing potential improvements. An open and creative mind will be an asset in this area
Eye for Detail – Even one small frayed wire or misapplied fuse can shut down an entire building’s system. A strong Electrical Supervisor will check for every weak spot and pinpoint them before a crisis. In addition, this skill will prevent mistakes with payroll or scheduling
Research Ability and Knowledge – Every building and electrical system is different, and each has strengths and weaknesses. Electrical Supervisors will know the major types of electrical systems inside and out, and will research the history of their building to learn about strengths and weaknesses
Team-Building Skills – Electrical teams work long hours and often face danger in their work. As such, proper motivation is key. A talented Electrical Supervisor will be able to build camaraderie among their workers. This includes ensuring that feedback is given in a positive, constructive fashion.

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