TSK, the Asturian Group signs an agreement with the Principality for 25 million Euros

TSK, the Asturian Group signs an agreement with the Principality for 25 million Euros. TSK, the Asturian engineering Group will assign 25 million Euros in next four years to Research, Development and Innovation (R&D and Innovation) in projects related to the renewable energies, bioethanol and biodiesel treatment, water purification and industrial waste and processes.

The agreement signed today between the Group and Principality of Asturias, which engages to guarantee a figure up to 50% of the 25 million Euros assigned to this objective.

Vicente Álvarez Areces, the President of Principality and Sabino García Vallina, the President of TSK Group have approved this agreement at the Asturian Government’s head office. Attendance to this official function included members of the local Government; Graciano Torre, Counsel of Industry; José Luis Iglesias Riopedre, Counsel of Education; and Herminio Sastre, Deputy Counsel of Science and Technology.

The abovementioned agreement thereby , TSK Group, with headquarters in Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gijón, and its workshops in industrial area of Mora Garay, engages to contract 16 workers each year, some of the new staff will dedicate to research tasks.

The President of TSK has highlighted after signing that the Group has been dedicating considerably in R&D and Innovation since the 90’s, and thanks to it they haven’t suffered from the crisis, but on the contrary succeeded in expanding new markets.

According to García Vallina, during 2008 and 2009, the TSK Group has increased its workforce in more than 100 people, and this year twenty or thirty more are foreseen to be contracted, the most of them are qualified engineers or technical engineers.

“Since the 90’s till today, TSK has grown considerably although we have got through several crises such as the current one. By reacting on R&D and Innovation basis, we could solve them without problem and without living those hard times”, emphasized García.

García Vallina has underlined the importance of looking for business overseas to diversify the risks, and feels confident about TSK’s future as a result of these R&D and Innovation projects.

The TSK Group’s turnover has soared from 5 million Euros annually in the early 90’s to around 250 million Euros at the present. This contributes to create 700 employments and to develop projects in over 25 countries, especially in America and North Africa.

According to Areces, this Group has become a symbol of the “industrial recovery” in Asturias. Areces mentioned that 20 years, being himself the Major of Gijón, some of the companies now part of the Group, were on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, these some companies are part of one of the top ten engineering groups in Spain specialized in turn-key project.

After highlighting the collaboration that TSK has maintained with the Asturian Government since many years, the President has mentioned that part of its success is based on entrepreneurial management to be able to open new markets.

At this point, he reminded that the TSK Group has participated in different institutional missions of the Principality and TSK will again participate in the one to be made this coming April to Panama and Mexico among other countries, and has emphasized the innovative capacity of the company.

The agreement signed today will allow this company to increase its research programs. It also engages it to keep an active role in the quest of state and EU financing for R&D and Innovation, and to create a training program in order to facilitate the access of qualified young workers.

Areces has also reminded that this agreement is one more of the former similar ones such as with Thyssenkruppm, ArcelorMittal, Duro Felguera, HC Energía, Temper, Feve and Idesa. In the coming days, Saint-Gobain Cristalería, a multinational company will be also added, and shortly afterwards, Aleastur.

Asturias dedicates about 0.96 % of its GDP to R&D and Innovation, some 229.7 million Euros in 2008.

TSK, the Asturian Group signs an agreement with the Principality for 25 million Euros