TSK reaches an agreement with Flagsol to acquire its activities and technology in the solar thermal sector.

With this acquisition TSK strengthens its technological leadership at a global level in the solar thermal sector, in an area that Flagsol has pioneered in the design and construction of these type of plants, having since its inception been at the forefront of this technology and an international benchmark in this sector.
The projects carried out by Flagsol. in combination with those which have been executed by TSK and with the addition of those which it is currently building in Morocco and South Africa, of 160 MW and 50 MW respectively, transform the Gijon based company into the global leader in this type of technology.

It is likewise important to highlight that Flagsol has developed the first hybrid plant in the world which combines solar energy with a natural gas powered combined cycle. The Kuraymat power plant in Egypt has a total power output of 150 megawatts, which are generated by the hybridization of solar radiation and natural gas. The hybrid plant can operate without interruption, enabling the supply of electric power to be maintained for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The first facility of this type in Egypt demonstrates that more and more countries outside of Europe are committed to a supply of renewable energy. Thanks to its elevated levels of solar radiation, the MENA region (Mediterranean and North Africa) is ideal for solar thermal power plants and it is clearly currently becoming an area of rich potential for this technology. In addition to Egypt, Morocco and Algeria both possess operational hybrid power plants.

With this operation TSK positions itself in an enviable position in order to compete in the ambitious solar power plans announced by countries such as Saudi Arabia, which intends to construct 30,000 MW by the year 2030, or those of Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, among others, who are also making a firm commitment to solar power.

Solar thermal technology is known for its superior manageability due to its ability to store energy efficiently, and for being able to be easily integrated in conventional steam or combined cycle power plants at a low additional cost.
In these types of plants, the solar field is dotted with parabolic trough mirrors which concentrate the solar irradiance on collectors located on their focal lines, which contain a circulating fluid which heats up at high temperatures. This fluid is used to produce steam, which turns a conventional turbine connected to a generator to produce electric power.

Flagsol is not the first German technology firm to be acquired by TSK, as in 1995 it acquired PHB Weserhütte, another German company with proprietary technology in the design and supply of facilities for the handling of minerals. 
Once more TSK makes a commitment to the acquisition of technology which allows it to stand out and progress as a technological company, providing more added value to its projects. 

TSK reaches an agreement with Flagsol to acquire its activities and technology in the solar thermal sector.