TSK is awarded with a construction of a bioethanol plant in Poland

A Cantabric company Sniace has recently announced that the Green Source Poland , a company specialized in bio fuel and owned in a main part by Sniace itself, has awarded the TSK Group with a construction of a bio ethanol plant in Poland, which has been designed by Ingemas and will rely on technology of Praj Industries.

The future plant will have a productive capacity of 200.000 tons of bio ethanol per year, that will be consumed as bio fuel and will also produce DDGS (Distilled Dried Grains with Soluble), used as animals food.

The raw material used in the future plant will be wheat, barley and corn.

In the project there will participate different branches of the TSK Group such as TSK Energy and Industrial Plants that will be in charge of turnkey management of the construction, INDEMAS that will develop a great part of the engineering, TSK Environment that will build a water treatment plant and TSK Electricity and Control that will execute the entire electrical part, instrumentation and the control of the installations.

With this project the TSK has managed to enter a country such as Poland that will open the doors to the countries of Eastern Europe, where there will be important infrastructural investments performed.

TSK is awarded with a construction of a bioethanol plant in Poland