TSK inaugurates one of the biggest European photovoltaic plants

On the last 20th November, TSK has inaugurated in Granada, a photovoltaic solar energy generation plant in Andalucía, one of the biggest ones in Europe.

The project has been executed by the TSK Solar division and TSK Electronic and Electricity. Its exploitation will be on its subsidiary, Sirius Solar’s cost. The cost of this important infrastructure was 145 million Euros, and TSK, besides the execution of the turn-key project, performed the structured financing on a “project finance” basis, gathering various financial entities in a syndicated credit, operations such as Banesto, BBVA, La Caixa, Caixa Galicia and Cajastur, in addition to the Official Credit Institution (ICO).

The installation occupies a surface of 1.110.000 square meters in total, and it is expected to generate the equivalent energy to the consumption of more than nine thousand homes. In the project execution phase, 150 direct and 170 indirect employments have been created. There are 25 persons working on the current exploitation and handling phase.