TSK inaugurates a new engineering center in Gijón

The new building, at the forefront of technology, will house handling and mining activities, as well as Information Technology and Industry 4.0

TSK highlights the strategic importance of the project and its contribution to the industrial fabric of Asturias.

The new engineering center joins the existing ones in Gijón, Madrid, Vitoria, and Cologne in Germany, a corporate knowledge network with the capacity to execute complex projects in different areas and regions.

TSK has added a new engineering center located in the Science & Technology Park of Gijón, which joins the network of offices that the company has implemented in the last decade, a network that includes those that currently provide services from Madrid and Vitoria in the field of Energy and Oil & Gas, from Cologne (Germany) in the field of renewable energies and from Gijón where all the activities of the group are carried out.
TSK highlights the strategic importance of its facilities in the Technology Park of Gijón and gives it as an example of efficiency, innovation and optimization of resources. It also ensures that its organizational model helps multiply its capacity to execute complex projects with its own technology in different fields and countries.
TSK is one of the Asturian companies that invest most in R&D, generating value in the industrial fabric of the region, and becoming, thanks to the inauguration of this new engineering center, a national and international reference of knowledge and technological innovation.
The new building has a capacity for 250 people and is annexed to TSK’s headquarters in the Science and Technology Park of Gijón.
With this new building the Gijón engineering firm will have the capacity to house more than 750 professionals in a complex of buildings characterized by their natural luminosity, open spaces without closed offices, gardens and patios as part of the work environment, and all designed and built under the most demanding certifications, which will allow considerable savings, mainly energy. It is also endowed with numerous services for employees that help to create a comfortable environment and facilitate work conciliation, such as two cafeterias, a health center for medical examinations, a gymnasium, an auditorium and a training center.
In this respect, the office complex has an inmotic system which, among other benefits, allows the intensity of the lighting to be regulated based on the existing presence and luminosity or the air conditioning system to be controlled based on criteria of occupancy and exterior temperature, generating more comfortable work spaces, all integrated in a unified control system and developed by TSK itself.

Control center
At its headquarters, TSK has a control center for renewable energy plants, which operates and monitors in real time the operation of facilities in 10 countries, immediately detecting incidents that occur in any plant, thus speeding up their correction, either remotely or in coordination with local services. Likewise, it registers and analyzes the plant’s operative information, as well as that of the substations and high voltage lines, optimizing their efficiency and guaranteeing the evacuation of the energy. The control center is active and operational 24 hours a day.

TSK integrates “Industry 4.0” solutions in its projects.
The use of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, among others, allows classic industrial processes to increase productivity with a high return on investment. TSK is a pioneer in the application of these technologies in the energy infrastructure and industrial plants it builds.
The term Industry 4.0 was developed to describe the intelligent factory, a vision of computerized manufacturing with all the processes interconnected by the internet of things. It is expected that the new concept of industry 4.0 will be able to drive fundamental changes at the same level as steam in the first industrial revolution, mass production in the second, as well as electronics and the proliferation of information technology, which have characterized the third.
With its extensive experience in all stages of automation, control and industrial instrumentation, TSK has progressively integrated new technologies that allow the analysis of large amounts of data and the management of all this knowledge in the production and manufacturing environment.

TSK inaugurates a new engineering center in Gijón