TSK implements virtual reality at industrial facilities

Project SIXPERIENCE, developed by the engineering firm headquartered in Asturias aims at both training operators, and remotely monitoring plants

Since the beginning of 2019 TSK has been working on project SIXPERIENCE, an intelligent virtual reality supervision and training system.
Using a proprietary system for the monitoring of industrial plants (SISREM), along with the information generated during industrial processes, this new “experience” allows to:
• provide virtual visits of a facility with a new immersive environment, similar to the actual experience: visitors can walk through the site, interact with different elements, and monitor their status. Although it is a real-time visit, users can also access former plant data in order to analyze any previous situation.
• access all the information generated during the design and commissioning stages of the plant, such as data sheets, plans, design specifications or maintenance reports. Users can also access the video surveillance and video operation systems of the plant, with real time imaging.
• train workers on the operation of the plant, by creating simulations in which the operators will be able to make changes, actuate valves or generate work orders for their integration into preexisting systems.

SIXPERIENCE develops a virtual environment visitors can interact with as in a real situation. The amount of information available, however, outstrips real-life situations. Using natural interaction mechanisms, SIXPERIENCE allows for alternative means of visualization and movement, such as checking the status of specific elements, or flying over the plant to monitor the overall status of the processes. The use of multimodal interaction modes and voice commands allows for a total immersion. This system has already been validated at some of the facilities TSK is currently operating and maintaining.

Project SIXPERIENCE highlights, once again, TSK’s interest in promoting innovation in its products, processes and services, especially in the current juncture, where technological developments must act as a driving force of the economy. Innovation is one of the biggest assets in the company’s long-term strategy, with strong investments in R&D&i and collaboration with technology centers, universities, and other companies within the framework of local, national, and European programs. The wide range of projects and technology areas TSK participates in throws the company to a continuous need for innovation and developments in its day-to-day operations. The multidisciplinary character of the projects TSK works in drives a significant part of these innovations.

Project SIXPERIENCE was entirely developed by the R&D&I Department of the IT Division at TSK’s headquarters in Gijón, Spain.

TSK implements virtual reality at industrial facilities