TSK, winner of the Quality Innovation Award for the SOLWATT Project

TSK has been named winner in the national phase of the Quality Innovation Award in the Potential Innovations category for the SOLWATT R&D project, a solution for water consumption problems in solar thermal power plants. The jury highlighted the fact that the project meets the five requirements that were being assessed: originality, usefulness, learning, customer orientation and effectiveness. The award was delivered on Tuesday, November 27, at a ceremony held in the auditorium of the CSIC, in Madrid, with the presence of several authorities.
The National Association of Centers of Excellence-CEX recognized eight Spanish organizations in the national phase of the Quality Innovation Award, QIA. This competition was created in 2007 by Excellence Finland to promote innovative projects in companies and organizations, share experiences and give local and international recognition to the best, with the ultimate goal of increasing the competitiveness of companies and the participating countries. The rest of the winners in the other categories were Biocurve, AMADIX, the Royal Academy of History, the Teruel Airport consortium, Ficosterra, Qualityfry and Textil Santanderina. These eight organizations will compete on February 27 in Beijing for the international prize in the categories in which they participate.
The SOLWATT project is a European project led by TSK and in cooperation with 13 other organizations seeking to reduce water consumption in solar thermal power plants by means of several innovations in mirror cleaning, power cycle cooling and wastewater recovery. With this project, TSK will be able to offer innovative solutions to its clients to face one of the recurring problems in new plants, and to continue its consolidation as a leader in the solar thermal sector.


This Project has received funding from the European Union through the "Horizon 2020" Research and Development program under agreement n° 792103, SOLWATT Project
TSK, winner of the Quality Innovation Award for the SOLWATT Project