TSK Digital Innovation

Digitization allows companies in all sectors to integrate and optimize their business processes with the greatest flexibility, starting with digitization at any stage of their value chain, both for new and existing plants, and based on standardized and open interfaces.

With over 30 years’ experience in automation and process control, TSK offers services in the communications engineering and systems integration fields. These services aim at meeting the demands of the industrial sector, executing projects for the construction of Data Centers, network architecture, unified communications, and emergency communication systems, improving manufacturing efficiency (PLC programming, SCADA, DCS, CMMS systems, MES, MOM, ...) and industrial cybersecurity in order to guarantee the security of communications in industrial networks.

TSK goes for digitization as a business line, offering our customers added value in our industrial and energy installations by incorporating all the digital solutions that we have, obtaining, as a result, safer and more efficient installations.