TSK to build 3 new solar plants

The projects will be built in Panama, El Salvador and Argentina. 
With these new projects, TSK already exceeds 4,000 MW in solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants and has consolidated its position as a leading company and pioneer in turnkey projects in this type of renewable technology, having executed projects in countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Uganda, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Brazil. Avanzalia and TSK have signed an agreement for the construction of a 150MW Photovoltaic Solar Plant in Panama. 
Avanzalia is a company specialized in the promotion, development and design of renewable energy projects worldwide, founded in 2004. 
The Project has been chosen for funding by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) under the Project Finance program. 
As regards the plants in Argentina (200 MW) and El Salvador (100 MW), they will be built for the French company NEOEN. 
Neoen is the foremost independent producer of exclusively renewable energy in France and one of the world's leading producers.
TSK to build 3 new solar plants