TSK, awarded to a 400Kv Substation in Venezuela

On the last 21st July, CORPOELEC-EDELCA, the Venezuelan electric company has noticed the award for the turn key construction project of TOCOMA 400 Kv substation and the amplification of Guayana B up to 400/115 Kv. The contract amount reaches up to 120 million dollars.

TSK has been awarded for this contract in the range of an international public call for tender, being considered as one of the most important multinational companies of the sector such as SIEMENS or Areva. It proves the technical capacity and the qualification level of the Gijón company and consolidates as a worldwide reference company of engineering and electric infrastructure construction, as well as other sectors in which several projects are currently in execution in Nicaragua or in Peru.

TSK is installed in Venezuela since 2002 and has TSK Ingeniería y Sistemas de Venezuela branch, where currently participating in the construction of the hydraulic power plant of Macagua and has presented a lot of tenders for energy projects.

The TSK Group is one of the principal Spanish groups dedicated to the Integral Project Management and to the development and infrastructures. Since 2007 TSK has been challenging a diversification process, undertaking currently six important trading fields: Energy, Industry, Electric Infrastructures, Renewable Energies, Environment and installations for storage and raw materials handling.

Executing projects in more than 30 countries, TSK’s international expansion has been strategic. More than 700 professionals, committed to the business philosophy, the corporate values of innovation, sustainability and excellence are reflected in every act of the Group.

TSK, awarded to a 400Kv Substation in Venezuela