TSK creates TSK Digital Innovation, proving its commitment to Digitization and Innovation

We need to Digitize in order to know, and to Innovate in order to evolve

Last June TSK made a statement when issuing a new strategic plan for the next 3 years in which it highlighted the need of diversification into new sectors and technologies. TSK Digital Innovation is the subsequent materialization of this commitment.

A glance at the company’s history shows that TSK Digital Innovation aims to be a key impulse to what the IT area has already been doing for over 20 years, where, in addition to providing tech support to the entire company, it has clearly proved to be market-oriented and in continuous search for disruptive solutions. Digitization allows companies not only to integrate and optimize their business processes both for new plants and for existing ones, but it also opens the way for new business models and opportunities. Based on standard and open interfaces, and innovation being a strong source of expansion for companies, always considering industrial cybersecurity requests, and going hand in hand with enabling technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Vision or Virtual Reality, now seems to be the perfect time for this new venture.

TSK aims, therefore, at becoming a reference not only in helping companies digitize (with more than 30 years’ experience) and improve their profitability, but also in helping them construct infrastructures such as Data Process Centers, Spain being one of the main hubs in this field. TSK’s CEO recently affirmed that “in the very near future, only the companies that join the mainstream of digitization will survive”. Hence TSK’s commitment.

TSK Digital Innovation, highly experienced in carrying out technology projects with a strong added value, is always alert to market evolutions and to the use of the newest technology. Our aim is to become a strategic ally to help companies secure excellence in their value chain.

It should be noted that this impulse is nothing but the achievement of a goal that was very clear since TSK’s establishment: to become a leader business group in the development of top-quality engineering, technology and industrial installations. Our group is nowadays formed by a team of over 1,000 professionals fully committed to service excellence.
TSK creates TSK Digital Innovation, proving its commitment to Digitization and Innovation