TSK contributes its technology to the first solar thermal power plant built in China. 

The first parabolic trough solar thermal power plant in China is already connected to the grid. On October 10, China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGN), the project developer, launched commercial operation of the 50MW CGN Delingha thermosolar power plant (CSP), China's first large-scale commercial CSP project, in which the Spanish companies Rioglass and TSK Energy Solutions are taking part as contractors.

The entry into operation of this plant is a major milestone for China's solar thermal industry, which places the Asian giant as the eighth country in the world that has a large-scale commercial CSP project. CGN Delingha solar thermal is also the first of the batch of 20 pilot projects (four canceled for now) to become operational.

The project was officially launched in 2014 and is the only CSP project in China to obtain loans from the Asian Development Bank. With a total investment of RMB 1,938 million, the project is equipped with 9 hours of molten salt thermal energy storage.

Through its subsidiary TSK Energy Solutions, TSK developed the conceptual and basic engineering of the plant as well as the solar field engineering, contributing its technology and knowledge in this type of plants.

TSK is also currently completing another similar 50 MW plant in Kuwait.

TSK has become a leader in the solar energy sector, having participated in the construction of more than 4,000 MW of plants with both solar thermal and photovoltaic technology.

In 2013, TSK acquired the German engineering firm FLAGSOL, positioning itself as a company with its own technology in solar thermal power plants.

Solar thermal technology is characterized by being more manageable, due to its capacity to store energy efficiently, and by being easily integrated in conventional steam or combined cycle thermal plants at a low additional cost.

In this type of plants, the solar field is equipped with parabolic-cylinder shaped mirrors that concentrate the solar irradiation on collectors located on its focal line, through which circulates a fluid that is heated at high temperatures. This fluid is used to produce steam, which moves a conventional turbine connected to a generator to produce electricity.

Thermosolar plants in which TSK has participated: 15

Photovoltaic plants in which TSK has participated: 158

TSK contributes its technology to the first solar thermal power plant built in China.