SEMINAR "Economy and geopolitics: the world after the crisis"

Real Instituto Elcano recently held a conference focused in the key geopolitical and economic facts to overcome the crisis from an international relations perspective, and TSK was one of the companies invited to make a presentation on their experience in internationalization.

This seminar had in attendance Mr. José María Ayala, President of the Spanish Institute for Official Credit (ICO), Mr. Fernando Salazar, Executive Vice-President of the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), Mr. Alfredo Bonet, Secretary of State of Foreign Trade, as well as the Presidents of Instituto Elcano and FADE, Mr. Gustavo Suárez Pertierra and Mr. Severino García Vigón.

There were two roundtables dealing with the economic challenges to overcome the crisis as well as new business opportunities. The participants were, among others, Mr. Rafael Domenech, Senior Economy Specialist for Spain and Europe at BBVA Research; Mr. Federico Steinberg, Leading Researcher on Economy and International Trade at Real Instituto Elcano; Mr. Pablo Bustelo, Leading Researcher on the Asia-Pacific Region at Real Instituto Elcano and Mr. Joaquín García Rico, Chief Executive Officer at Grupo TSK, who made a presentation on TSK’s experience in international markets, putting emphasis in business opportunities currently opening up and also in the international markets with a stronger growth potential.