Commissioning of the Shiploader for First Quantum Minerals 

PHB Weserhütte has carried out the commissioning of the copper concentrate shiploader supplied to First Quantum Minerals, this machined has one of the largest telescopic booms in the world.

With a capacity of 2400 t/h, the machine boom is equipped with slewing, luffing and telescopic movement systems that allow to reach a total boom length of 60 m. This allows ships to be loaded above the "Panamax" type, the larger ones that cross the Panama Canal..

The machine has been manufactured, assembled and cold tested in northern Spain. It has been transported in 2 large blocks that were pre-assembled in the Port of Gijón, which allowed to complete the erection works of the machine on site from the transport vessel. The operation was carried out by the cranes from the transport vessel itself, reducing work, cost and assembly time in the reduced quay of Punta Rincón in Colón (Panama).

This shiploader machine is part of one of the most important copper mining projects currently in force, whose estimated production will be more than 250,000 t of copper concentrate per year.
Commissioning of the Shiploader for First Quantum Minerals