New methodology approval (NM)


TSK a través de Ingemas ha conseguido de la ONU la aprobación de una nueva metodología para la obtención de las reducciones certificadas de emisiones (RCE).
This is the first Spanish company to obtain a new methodology (NM) approved by the Executive Board of the Kyoto Protocol in United Nations. The approved methodology is called “Methodology for implementation of fossil fuel tri-generation systems in existing industrial facilities” (AM076), and there are only 79 approved methodologies in the world for ordinary projects. The base of the work has been the “turn-key project” executed by INGEMAS for CARACOL KNITS, the Honduran company. This success will allow CARACOL KNITS to sell certifications of CO2 in the international carbon market, during seven (7) years. The equivalence of emission saving in tons ascends to a total of 182.698 T. of CO2
The CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) is based on the execution of projects in developing countries that may generate an additional emission saving on what would have been produced in case a conventional technology would have been employed.
The Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) are purchased and commercialized as this way by public and private entities of industrialized countries.
Both the presentation and the approval of this project works allow TSK to be a front runner regarding MDL projects management, bringing to its clients the advantage of a high reliability with their projects, furthermore, provide some economic resources from the developed countries to the developing ones, so that these resources can help to reduce the own funds that they might dispose to undertake the global investment with the potential corresponding economical benefit.
The contents of the methodology are available on the web of United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change, in the Kyoto Protocol, Methodologies, then approved methodologies, number 0076.