Five years later, the Lifehygenet project has come to an end.
The main result of the project has been the design, development and installation of a modular pilot plant to use the energy of the water circulating in the supply network of the Mieres City Council.
The project was carried out thanks to the collaboration between the PRODINTEC Technological Center, the turbine manufacturer Servoship, INGEMAS engineering, the City Council of Mieres and the Asturian Energy Foundation. The project actions were co-financed by the Life+ program of the European Commission.
The pilot plant has been installed at the entry point of the Herradura water storage facility, which feeds Mieres town center. The pressure relief valve before the storage facility has been replaced by a hydroelectric device that uses the water power to generate electricity.
With the results obtained in the project, the aim is to demonstrate the technological possibilities for the use of the energy that is dissipated in water networks, in order to facilitate its replication in other locations. This is an option that can be developed together with new business models, facilitating distributed generation and reducing the carbon footprint associated with water management.
The following link allows download of a document with detailed information about the actions carried out and their main results.
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