Inaugurated -The Antonio José de Sucre Thermoelectric Plant in Venezuela

The Minister of Electric Energy and President of Corpoelec, Jesse Chacón, inaugurated Gas Unit 1 a, of the Antonio José de Sucre thermoelectric plant, in Cumaná, the state of Sucre, with a generating capacity  of 170 megawatts (Mw).

This plant in its first stage includes the installation of 2 simple cycle General Electric turbogenerator units, of 170 nominal Mw each, which sums up to 340 Mw with an investment equivalent of 1,700 million bolivars.

At the beginning of operations, the machinery started to generate 140 Mw to increase the tension levels in a progressive way and cover the energy demand of the eastern region.

It was reported that Unit 2 would be synchronized between January and February of the next year to generate a total of 340 Mw.

“I would like to thank Pdvsa Gas for the work that it has been doing for us, since this gas machine, is going to save the country a 1,100,000 liters of diesel fuel, which means a savings of a million dollars daily,” said Chacón.

The Minister added that the project peaked in a successful way thanks to the contractor company, TSK and the active participation of the workers of Corpoelec, stated in a press release from his office.

“This plant carries a series of works that have to do with the improvements in the transmission and distributions systems, including the substitution of the Manzanares cable that we are going to start in the next few days and the quality of the electric service in the state of Sucre is going to improve significantly,” he added.

During the event he highlighted that the start-up service of this work is of great importance, as it is given on the Eve of the Cumaná Foundation turning 500 years old, where it is expected to conclude the public lighting program that has been designed with the governor of the entity, Luis Acuña, to whom he was grateful for his participation.

Inaugurated -The Antonio José de Sucre Thermoelectric Plant in Venezuela